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3 Month Supply Airflo™ Mouth Tape

3 Month Supply Airflo™ Mouth Tape

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Breathe Easy, Sleep Better

Airflo™️, a revolutionary product, is here to transform your nights and energize your days! Designed to promote nose breathing, these anti-snoring mouth strips are the key to deep, restful sleep and, in turn, more vibrant days.

The Gift of Good Health

Airflo does more than just tackle snoring - it also:

  • Promotes Blood Oxygenation - Nose breathing is linked to increased blood oxygenation, which leads to better overall health.
  • Encourages Deep Sleep - By enabling nose breathing, Airflo can lead to more profound, restful sleep.
  • Shapes Better Breathing Habits - Regular use of Airflo can alter your mouth-breathing habits, preventing potential oral and respiratory diseases, and even facial deformities.

Designed with You in Mind

We've taken care to make Airflo as comfortable as possible:

  • Safe Material - Crafted with a specially-engineered adhesive that leaves no residue behind.
  • Comfort-centric Design - Featuring a central vent for limited mouth breathing, Airflo doesn't just prevent snoring, it also ensures comfort.
  • Non-irritating - The odorless adhesive won't irritate your skin, letting you sleep peacefully.

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  • CPAP Machines

  • Nasal Strips

  • In-Nose Dilators

  • Oral Appliances

  • Chin-Straps

    • Holds jaw in unnatural position
    • Ineffective against mouth breathing and snoring
    • Uncomfortable
  • Oral Appliances

    • Pushes lower jaw forward, potentially causing discomfort and jaw soreness.
    • Doesn't directly address snoring or mouth breathing
    • Uncomfortable

  • In-Nose Dilators

    • Doesn't address mouth breathing or snoring
    • Uncomfortable